Anti-Aging Plus Anti-Acne

You should not have to chose between anti-aging facials that break you out or acne facials that cause dryness. At San Diego Acne Clinic we use only expert protocols to tackle multiple skin concerns at once. You may have several concerns, like melasma, fine lines, texture, or smoothness, Our facials are designed to incorporate results in all of these areas while also minimizing breakouts.
Some months our skin gets more congested than others, due to travel, diet changes, lifestyle changes, or medications. You may notice that you need a treatment that clears your pores while also stimulating collagen; this is one of our specialties and we utilize products like CLEARstem Skincare that are targeted for both anti-aging AND anti-acne benefits. Rest assured that we do not sacrifice the youthfulness of your skin just to get it clear- you can achieve anti-acne and anti-aging results from our treatments and our home care recommendations.