Clear Skin Tips

Keep a low-glycemic diet! This means regulating your blood sugar by having balanced meals of clean protein (like organic egg whites) and limiting refined sugars. It’s best to avoid processed foods as they contain toxins that lead to constant internal inflammation. Since acne is an inflammatory condition we need to be aware of these things and maintain health from the inside out. A good idea is to have at least 30% protein to carbohydrate ratio at any given meal and eat organic foods whenever possible.

Limit Alcohol consumption! Alcohol is pure sugar and makes your sweat more bacteria friendly. It also triggers more testosterone and usually leads to nights where we forget to wash our face, so limit the partying if you want to maintain great skin!

Avoid stimulants, both natural and synthetic. Anything that can keep you up at night will probably break out you out. This includes energy pills / drinks with Niacin (B3), too much B6, coffee with lots of cream & sugar, and prescriptions like Adderall and Ritalin. Certain anti-depressants like Wellbutrin and Zoloft have a stimulant-like effect and will lead to increased acne as well, so do your research before taking anything.

Eat lots of veggies! Mother nature’s antidote to inflammation! Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, all of these are essential for total-body health and your skin will thank you.

Get lots of omega-3’s, avoid excess omega-6. Omega-6 are essential in small doses but an excess can spike testosterone activity and lead to hormonal (jawline and body) breakouts. Common sources of omega-6 are corn oil and evening primrose oil. Healthy fats like olive oil and fish oil are your friend, so make sure to get plenty!

Avoid dairy like the plague! Dairy has tons of messenger hormones called IGF (insulin-like growth factors) that trigger massive acne attacks. Whey protein is concentrated dairy, so swap it out for a plant-based protein or egg white version. Almond milk and vegan-ice creams are delicious, you won’t miss the dairy and you’ll notice an instant reduction in acne when you switch!