Dermatologist or Acne Specialist

If you’re reading this, chances are you have already been to the dermatologist and did not see sustainable results. While many Derms can provide options, most rely on harsh, systemic medications like oral antibiotics, aggressive topicals like Retin-A, or Isotretinoin (Accutane). Any medications you take carry the risk of disrupting your entire body, with side effects that can result in long term damage to your liver, your digestive system, even your vision. On top of that, many of the prescriptions actually damage your healthy skin just to kill the pimples- this always backfires and can leave you with dry, weak, flaky skin that then needs additional attention.

Another key difference between your experience here vs. with a Derm is education. Derms are trained to spot cancerous cells, identify rashes, look for suspicious moles. Acne is generally not a special focus for them and the result is that you miss out on the learning discussions that you would receive in our clinic. Here we dive into your lifestyle, your habits, your unique skin- it’s during these discovery talks that you learn exactly what your triggers are and how to care for your skin forever. Think big picture.